We want to welcome you to Leary Baptist Church!  Authentic. Advancing. Anticipating. this is our mission here at LBC. To stay authentic, always advancing, and ever anticipating.  Our goal is that you will encounter the life-changing love of Christ as we worship together.  We know that everyday matters; therefore, worship is not a once a week activity or an event but a way of life.

Our Worship Services  provide many opportunities to celebrate worship together.


Authentic. Advancing. Anticipating.

(see Mission Template)

Leary Baptist Church believes the authentic and advancing believer must dare to trust God for the unimaginable and impossible things that make up the Christian faith and ministry. We believe, it is the attribute of God’s faithfulness to Himself, to His Word, and to His Children; that enables us to demonstrate our trust and faith in the form of anticipation.

Come experience life in Christ Jesus with us. We are a small town Church trusting a mighty big Savior. I’d love to meet you. Come on over this Sunday.



Pastor Craig Layton



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