We believe in the “Great Commission”, we believe it was given to us by Christ Jesus, Himself. We realize the local-to-global reach of His intent, when He gave it. This demands that we live our daily lives with a view to the lost world around us.
Our First Mission, is to be examples in our homes. Each member of our family needs a solid Christian example to walk with.
Our Second Mission, is to convey the Spirit and character of Jesus Christ to those we see regularly.
Our Third Mission, is to the ones we don’t see every day. This is the deliberate and intentional ministry that is at the “core” of Christ’s mandate “go and teach all nations”. After all, how would we know that we are advancing believers; if we are not seeing the Gospel taken to lost?

   Right now, God has given us great favor in leading us to have a wide door for effective service (1 Cor16:9) in a few mission ministries among whom God is showing Himself mighty to save.
We are blessed to have a family, Rob and Selina Morgan, baptized here in 2012, who God called from three rows back, to be missionaries right here in Calhoun County (see Rehoboth Ranch Ministries). God is doing a big work there.

Another of our missionary focuses is on the work of Dr. Jabulani Mudenda in his native Binga District, Zimbabwe, Africa. We believe our relationship to him is another opportunity to get in on what God is doing. We support his ministry, Hope Ministries Zimbabwe, with our prayers, our resources, as well as sending our pastor to aid in the equipping of the saints in that poor rural area of Zimbabwe.

Our Daily Mission is to engage the society we live in with the indisputable, life changing  Person of Jesus Christ.

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