The Mission of Leary Baptist Church is summed up in three words: Authentic, Advancing, & Anticipating. These three words are derived from a study of The Letter to the Church at Philadelphia, found in, Revelation 3:7-12. It is the position of Leary Baptist Church that this letter to the faithful of Philadelphia, from our LORD Jesus Christ, prescribes the daily compass for the individual believer as well as the Corporate Body of Christ.

 Authentic is recognized in the scripture as those who “have a little strength, have kept My word, and have not denied My name.” Revelation 3:8.

Merriam-Webster defines authentic as:

1 a: worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to or based on fact
b: conforming to an original so as to reproduce essential features
c: made or done the same way as an original

Taking Merriam-Webster’s definition as a working definition for, authentic, and taking the descriptive language of our Savior, in Revelation 3:8, we derive an understanding that an authentic Christian is: one who displays the actual, real and present power of the Holy Spirit in his or her conversations and actions; one who believes and obeys the Word of God in its entirety; and also, one who makes good on each opportunity to identify with the One who saved us and made us over in His image. With such a description in mind, it is the conviction of Leary Baptist Church that each member seeks, moment by moment, to possess themselves in such a way as to be perceived of God and man as Authentic.

Advancing is recognized in this scripture as those who believe and live as if the Lord has spoken to the faithful (both personally and corporately) the following: I know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it;” Revelation 3:8.

Merriam-Webster defines advancing as:

1: to move forward: proceed
2: to make progress: increase
3: to rise in rank, position, or importance

The Words of our LORD which tell us that there is an “open door” set before us, which He has placed, indicates to us that we are to advance through it. We believe this door is: entering into deliberate discipleship of believers and non-believers into a mature walk with Christ and His Church (Matthew 28:18-20; Ephesians 4:11-16). The means of advancing in this manner are through intentional evangelism of the lost; strategic nurturing and equipping of the born-again; and continual prayer to this end: that each member of the faith will be so disposed as to individually and corporately replicate these central mandates for the generations to follow.

With this understanding in consideration, Leary Baptist Church views deliberate forward progress in these areas as essential to a genuine Christian fellowship and to every advancing believer in Christ.

Anticipation is a virtue revealed in Scripture, from as far back as Abraham, to the human authors of the New Testament.

Merriam-Webster defines Anticipate as:

  1. to know beforehand. Foresee implies nothing about how the knowledge is derived and may apply to ordinary reasoning and experience.
  2. anticipate implies taking action about or responding emotionally to something before it happens.

Although, this definition seems to make much man’s ability; in truth, man is not the subject of Biblical anticipation at all. Man’s ability to anticipate is founded on the immutableness of God’s Word. Just as God himself is unchanging, so his Word is forever settled. In Revelation 3:9-12, Jesus uses the phrase, “I will” six times, referring to things He would certainly do. By this and numerous other instances in Scripture, we believe God to be a Promise Maker. With faith being vital to Christian life and God’s promises being certain, it is the portion and privilege of the believer to be actively anticipating the promises of God. The faith-filled believer trusts God’s Word to be solid rock upon which each moment will reveal its unfailing dependability.

Therefore, Leary Baptist Church believes the authentic and advancing believer must dare to trust God for the unimaginable and impossible things that make up the Christian faith and ministry. We believe, it is the attribute of God’s faithfulness to Himself, to His Word, and to His Children; that enables us to demonstrate our trust and faith in the form of anticipation.