Core Philosophy of Ministry

I believe that ministry begins with a deposit. A deposit that is given when the Good News of Jesus Christ is received into the heart of a repentant believer. Just as the Holy Spirit of God washes you and fills you; so, the Gospel floods in with it.  Every believer is, at that literal moment, clean by the Word and is continuously being equipped for service by this Gospel deposit. It is a “charge to keep”. It is a LORD to glorify. It is “new life in Christ Jesus”. It is a new life, poured out in joyful service to our King.

I believe there are standard principles for every ministry. These must be static and unmovable.  The first is prayer. If the deposit is to be stewarded, “the stewards” must have a serious and clean life of prayer. Next concerns the Deposit, itself, The Bible in its entirety, is the Good News of God’s unspeakable gift of salvation. Contained in the Bible is the deposit, and the Spirit of God draws from its riches to feed and fuel each member. So much so that His guarded treasure is dispersed from every facet of ministry, “to the praise of the glory of His grace”. Another is accountability. Each member of the ministry family is charged with faithfully guarding this sacred trust. Therefore, we must hold one another in high regard and to a standard beyond reproach.

Because these things are firm and unshifting, I believe God leads believers to encounter ministry.  This could be from, offering a drink of cold water in the name of Jesus, to major multi-continental missionary endeavors. In all areas in between, ministry can abound; because, the Gospel is not bound. Therefore, every instance of ministry is an opportunity for Christ to be exalted, for the lost world to be impacted, and for the believer to be furnished with greater faith to fulfill the purpose of Christ.

I believe the core philosophy of ministry is to live in this glorious light, by these unshakable principles, and by allowing God to begin revealing the reach of His Mighty Hand. Ministry begins to take its shape as believers see God at work around them. The people of God faithfully pray and search the Scriptures, and God faithfully reveals His designs for His people.

Let the church believe what God shows them that He is doing, and then let Him lead the way.  From the largest mountain to the smallest detail, God knows the way. It is my firmly held conviction that God will lead His people in a way that makes much of Jesus. This is the Bride that I see in the Word of God.

He inspires vision, captures imaginations, lays hold on the very foundations of who we are, so that His Name will be praised among the nations. Because we have been entrusted with so great a deposit; we endeavor to encourage one another to this end, now and forever.

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