A Pastor’s Prayer

Be Thou Our Vision

Father, I come to you humble and recognizing my feebleness before you. I stand here only by the divine grace given in the blood of your Son. In Jesus alone, I dare come to you and plead for your presence in me, in this church, and in this land where you have placed us. Lord, we need You. Show Thy servant and your people mercy and mark your presence in the full view of the people of this land. May the heathen, the pagan, and the sceptic, alike, see your wonders.

Bring many to Jesus by the wooing of Your Spirit.

  • Lord prepare Thy people to give witness of Resurrection power in Jesus’ name. Be Thou our Vision. Revive us with renewed, clean, and filled vessels of the fresh oil of the Spirit. May Thy anointing break yokes and deliver from curses. May we, I pray be immersed in the saturating power of your Spirit’s presence.
  • Make us a people that produce other faithful witnesses. Open our eyes to see the fruit that now is; and, compare it to what You provide for. May we become a people who apprehend that for which we were apprehended by Christ.
  • Restore and reset the vision before us; which you have once delivered to your people. Might we see and know where you intend to take us, and have a heart to go joyfully with you.
  • May the powerful witness of this home; this pastor; and this band of believers be effectual in removing darkness and bringing the Light of the World to bear on generations.

Only by your outstretched arm might this come to pass in our day. Only by Thy presence will we ever see to walk in your pathway. Draw near to us, our Father. We wish to do what you most desire. Move among Thy people, I pray, O God, for the sake of Your name among the generations.

Your servant

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